Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Collector too...

Star Wars Anyone?

With so many lenses and blogs, hubs and websites, I'm not sure if I mentioned this to y'all in here before, but I am sort of a low-key collector, with a touch of small-time hoarder in me too. :-) Fortunately for me, I've confined this passion to little stuff. No big stuff for this ol' boy as it's just too hard to store lots of large items, anywhere I'm apt to be living. :-)

Here's a website I put together Cool Collectibles way back in 1998, on a slick, free host server, that is still with me and me with it, to-day! I wanted to share my love for neat little Collectibles :-) Yes sir, Tripod has served me WELL in this past decade and I'm looking forward to even better relations in the next one!

P.S. Please Don't be shy about leaving a comment or two in here, or anywhere you see any of my stuff. I LOVE getting comments for my little efforts out there. It's kinda like gas, for my engines. Thanx 4 visitin' to-day...