Saturday, January 31, 2009


Time proves friendship...

We met many years ago on O'Connor Street, with the first common denominator of Hot Cars as an ice breaker and to help to introduce us to each other. We were sharing the same apartment building at the time and he had a sweet 1965, 289 Mustang and I was runnin' a cool 1967 Cougar XR7 GT.

Man those were the days. :-) His was the only light blue 'Stang in Ottawa with a big breather bubble pouring outta the hood. This baby could scream, I know of that factoid first hand. I will Never forget in particular, a spectacle of a smoke show, that spawned itself right there in the parking lot of the Westgate shopping centre, as my best bud dropped me off at work early one day a few decades ago. :-) :-)

My Best Buddy Bruce

Big Bruce, as everyone who knows him calls him, has been my best friend for a very long time. We have made it through a number of very rough storms together. We shared untold good numbers of good times, as well. I've always been there for him and he in kind has ALWAYS been there for me! This has not changed and has brought us many enjoyable times together, exploring the world through our varied interests. We have shared Many most pleasurable hours, out on the water on some lake, hunting fish with our knowledge and cool gear, together, as a well functional team of two. There was never any shortage of laughter between us and an expression of thankfullness for even just being alive, out there. We weren't afraid to express our love for what we were doing and how neat it was that we were sharing it all together, like Al Lindner and his brother Ronny, my Fishing hero's. Our Outdoorsy times together have always enriched the other side of our lives, as a side benefit, if you will. Makes it easier to get through the work week if you've charged up your batteries out there on the lake with yer best bud, on the week end! :-)

Man, I've come to know that a real friend is one very precious thing these days, if you didn't already realize that. ;-) There are a pile of acquaintances out there, but real friends are worth their weight in Gold! There's a certain and special, kind of love mixed in there too. Not the love you might feel for your wife or girlfriend or your child perhaps, but in addition to, say a love for another man (or woman) that you respect and want to please, like maybe your dad or a favorite uncle or your grandfather. Smell me? ;-) Never be so silly or even too shy or think that you'll sound too dorky, to let yourself feel this type of love based on respect, stop you, from finding a real friend. Sharing things, turns out to be a Very powerful way of maintaining your health and state of mind, for many. Especially when you want to say share Love and or Friendship. Think of folks like Paul Newman who LOVE (loved) to give to others. He enjoyed seeing You happy!

I am also Very fortunate to have his beautiful wife Elaine as a best friend too. She's awesome! We also have been VERY close in our past and plan on riding this thing out till the end together too. To-day, thanks to Elaine, I have this rare picture of yours truly sitting with my main Man Bruce, sharing a laugh or three and some good times on his back sundeck in the summer. Thanx Sis! We'll have to get an updated one this coming spring or summer, eh? :-)

Work on your friendships to-day too dear reader. Those real folks are hard to come by. Let 'em know that you are still there for them and always will be. It'll help make their day, I'll guarantee that right here! :-)

Chillin' in Ottawa,


Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Cancer Killer Information saves lives...

A Cancer Cure?Oh Ya! To start the new year off right, I'd like to share a hyper-link to a VERY Powerful blast of life saving information, from a man who KNOWS that, Indeed, Cancer can be beaten! His name is Kelly Eidem and he's written a remarkable book, documenting how Anyone can rid Themselves of Cancer. YES, you read that correctly! Saying Good-bye to Cancer is Now, VERY, VERY possible. I Believe in what I put on all of my Hubs, my Web-pages, Lenses and Blogs and what I say in Forums and Guestbooks. So, I'm saying to YOU to-day, I Believe that this works...

I found out about Dr. Kelly through my connection with Hubpages the great way to get on the web and I have added a note to his Hub's comments section with true sincerity. Now, this day, I follow through with a little Pass It On message, from lil'ol' me to my dear readers...

Go to this website right now and learn about how You or someone You know and Love, who has cancer, Can be Cured! Remember too, that ANYTHING is possible. Believe...

A Cure For Cancer!

Just in case you are a doubting Thomas, I want you to know that this is not even close to being a joke friends. It's just as Real as this gently aging outdoorsy bloggin' dude is, that's typin' this right here for YOU to-day! :-) :-)

All the BEST in Health and Life, to every single one of You, my readers, this brand new year of 2009!