Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wanna get brave?

Time to share a little news on here I think, eh?

Well alrighty then. :-)

So ok, to start off with, here's a hyperlink Gett'n Brave... to a simple little page I made that y'all could try your hand at building too, well, if you've ever wanted a web-page but thought it was too hard or too expensive to do. :-)

The fine folks at Bravenet have been doing this for years and are a trusted name in hosting. I think it's Way Cool for them to provide all the free tools we need to make a very presentable website and then host it for us, all for free too!

Check it out to-day and see if you'd like to try your hand at building your very own Internet web place.

Have a super day and Thank You for dropping in!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BassMaster magazines...

BassMaster Magazines 2 go...

I've got over twenty five years worth of BassMaster magazines ready to go. Imagine all the past tournament data contained in those old treasure tombs. If You fish Bass tournaments, these mags can prove invaluable to you.
BassMaster Mags...
Go have a look at my little ad over on Kijiji. Go BassMaster... Maybe You will be the one to score this awesome collection. Thanx for reading this. lb

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Critical mass...

Many Years Fishing...

As the world turns...

Well, although quite a very rude shock, it certainly looks like I won't be blogging anymore. Thank You so much fair reader, for finding your way here and sharing mostly the good things I love in life, over these last few years. For those of You who have been kind enough to leave a comment in here once in a while, I want You to know that you've made many of my days better, with your caring. :-)

A few depressing details of just why this is all so, can be found here Sadness rules... on my other blog.

Once again, Thank You for following a small piece of my little life. It's been a great ride. I really feel close to all of you. Perhaps our paths will cross again one day...

Here's wishing each and every one of you, a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

She Is So Fly...

As you may have noticed on my blogs before, I've been supporting Women Outdoors for a long time now. It's great to see Women out there who Love spending quality time outside. It's even better to find a few girls who Love to write about it too. They write so that they can share their deep feelings about the Outdoors with others. The Internet has totally expanded any and all previous methods for good writers to do just that. So many ways now that a writer can write. Blogs are one of the very best ways, in my opinion anyway. :-)

You see, as a Blogger myself, I too have already made a number of new Outdoor loving friends by sharing what I feel and see out there in the woods and around bodies of water, large or small. Friends who I enjoy reading about too, with their adventures and share their pictures with them.

Well my dear readers, Sherri Russell is one of those remarkable Outdoorsy Women, that just Loves spreading the good word about how fishing can and will change your life if you let it.

Sherri Russell

This little lady is a Fly Fisher and from what I've seen, a fine one at that! It took only about five minutes on her blog to get hooked on her writing style and wonderful outlook on this awesome Sport/Art/Science of Fishing.

Here's the link to go and see for yourself just how long it'll take You, to take a shine to this lovely little lady, that wields a sweetly mean Fly Fishin' Stick. :-)

"She's So Fly" Fly Fishing for Women Blog

I will be adding her great blog to my other blog rolls as well as this one so that I can try and keep up with this Cool Fishin' Chic! ;-)

Oh ya, Sherri just informed me that I have won one of her sweet contests over there, so I'm headin' over now to check it out and give her my addy and stuff. Now how's that for a good way to start a fishin' friendship, I ask ya? :-)

Have a good one y'all!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bass Gear Contest...

Well I haven't posted in here for a bit but then as y'all know, life is pretty busy these days, and so tonight is the time for me to pass this onto you quick, while I've got a few spare moments.

My blogging friend Wolfy over at Flowing Waters, is running the second part of his awesome Fishing Tackle Give Away Contest. You won't believe this maybe but it's all true. Wolfy has put together a terrific pile of deadly Bass fishing terminal tackle that he is going to give away in the next few days. Here's just a little glimpse of what You could be winning if You enter Wolfy's Cool Contest.
A portion of the goodies...

This is the easiest contest, to get the coolest stuff, that I have ever entered! :-) All you've gotta do is tour over to Wolfy's fine blog and leave a comment in there telling him a little about Your Bass fishing. That's it! Too easy, eh?

Just click this link and you'll be on your way to a chance at a very impressive whack of deadly Bassin' gear. Go get 'em. Bass Tackle Give Away...

O.K. That's pretty well what I wanted to share with You to-day. So, mission accomplished. Nite all. :-)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another Cool Fishing Gal...

Caro le lion à la pêche! on Twitpic
Meet Caro Houle...

I just discovered this interesting young lady this morning while going through some tweets from friends on Twitter. They were speaking rather highly of her, so I did a little touring and lo and behold, I came up with this great picture for starters. How Cute is this Outdoorsy Woman's hat, I ask you? I just Love it! :-) You see boys, women always bring a little light and freshness to the outdoors with their uncanny sense of style and fashion. :-)

Go check her out on Twitter at CaroHoule and send her a Tweet while your at it. :-)

Oh ya, some of her friends call her C-Bass and now I can see why. ;-)

Houle is Cool!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of my very best friends...

My Friend Bob Jones...

Looking towards the stern of Bob's old "Tin Goose" way back in the day, you can see the Fat Rap in Bob's hand. This was a year or three before Rapala, brought out their amazingly deadly Shad Rap. :-) We put a ton of nautical miles on that cool fishing platform of his. I loved that canoe! As a matter of fact, I ended up buying a Sportspal of my own, just after Bob headed out west to Courtenay B.C. to become the full time Outdoor Writer and retire there to boot.
Bob on the Rideau River...

A few decades ago, Robert H. Jones was as close to an older brother to me, as a man can get. He nick named me Larry Rideau-romper back then and we fished many places many times, for many fish. As I recall, we NEVER got skunked either. :-) Being a Master Jig Tier he got a kick out of caochin' me in the fur and feather dressin' biz and we tied many jigs together in his basement workshop and laughed over his wonderful home made wine and Sangria so many times. Even without the help of the the wine, this man was a great conversationalist. Just say anything to do with fishing and before you knew it a 60 or 80 mile drive would be done before the conversation had ended. ;-)

Bob was the kind of guy that never asked anything for what he gave out either. He wouldn't even let me chip in for gas after the first and only time I had offered. "I'm going out there anyway buddy, and yer not bad company either" he'd say. Then he'd just smile, and I knew that, that was that.

Thank You Bob Jones, for your kind generosity and for taking such good care of this young budding writer back then, so long ago now, it seems. :-)

Some sad news...
Our mutual friend, Grant Hopkins had fished with Big Bob Jones many times over the years too and he had kept up a communication line with him. It was through a chance meeting with Grant along the Rideau Canal the other day, that I learned of the passing of my good old fishing/writing friend. Grant filled me in on a few of the details of when and where and we both stood a moment in silence to remember our fine friend. Because my head was turned slightly towards the water, I don't think that Grant saw the tear roll down my cheek. But I felt it rolling. I hadn't felt that sad or lost or hurt or whatever it is called, for a long time. :-(

After we talked a little more about the lack of bites we were both getting, we parted and went our own ways again, left in our own thoughts. However, just after he left and while riding home on the bus, I was in a kind of fog. Flashes of pictures and mini movies skipped across my mind, of some of my times together with this scholarly man. Memories jarred awake by the reality of my close friend's passing.

There are just so many things I could tell you about how good a man Bob Jones was but his track record speaks for itself. So, to get you into a little bit of Robert H. Jones, one of Canada's finest Fishing Writers, here's a link to a post on my other blog, to do with this amazing and well respected Outdoorsman. There's some Bob related links there to explore for a few minutes too.

We will remember you...

My thoughts go out to Vera, Karen and Bobby Jr. Bob's immediate family. My heart is heavy for you my friends. I totally feel your loss and will miss your husband and dad, SO much. I thank God, that I was fortunate enough to have ever met Bob in the first place. I've been very enriched by his teachings while taking me under his wing, so many years ago now.
Robert H. Jones

Thank You Robert H. Jones! Thank You! You have helped and encouraged an awful pile of people out there in your time my friend. Your wisdom still lives on through your many books and hundreds of magazine articles. You made it Mr. Jones! You did exactly what you wanted to do, and in fine style I might add. I'm so glad I shared even a little part of that amazing life with you...

Love Always,