Wednesday, December 02, 2009

She Is So Fly...

As you may have noticed on my blogs before, I've been supporting Women Outdoors for a long time now. It's great to see Women out there who Love spending quality time outside. It's even better to find a few girls who Love to write about it too. They write so that they can share their deep feelings about the Outdoors with others. The Internet has totally expanded any and all previous methods for good writers to do just that. So many ways now that a writer can write. Blogs are one of the very best ways, in my opinion anyway. :-)

You see, as a Blogger myself, I too have already made a number of new Outdoor loving friends by sharing what I feel and see out there in the woods and around bodies of water, large or small. Friends who I enjoy reading about too, with their adventures and share their pictures with them.

Well my dear readers, Sherri Russell is one of those remarkable Outdoorsy Women, that just Loves spreading the good word about how fishing can and will change your life if you let it.

Sherri Russell

This little lady is a Fly Fisher and from what I've seen, a fine one at that! It took only about five minutes on her blog to get hooked on her writing style and wonderful outlook on this awesome Sport/Art/Science of Fishing.

Here's the link to go and see for yourself just how long it'll take You, to take a shine to this lovely little lady, that wields a sweetly mean Fly Fishin' Stick. :-)

"She's So Fly" Fly Fishing for Women Blog

I will be adding her great blog to my other blog rolls as well as this one so that I can try and keep up with this Cool Fishin' Chic! ;-)

Oh ya, Sherri just informed me that I have won one of her sweet contests over there, so I'm headin' over now to check it out and give her my addy and stuff. Now how's that for a good way to start a fishin' friendship, I ask ya? :-)

Have a good one y'all!


Rebecca said...

Congrats on winning!
I've already discovered sweet Sherri and her blog, so I can second your endorsement.
Enjoy your goodies

LarryB said...

Hi there Reb, Thanx for seconding my recommendation! Can't wait to play with the new gear. :-) lb