Sunday, July 06, 2008

Don't you just love Nature?

Nature has been one of my best and favorite Teachers over the last 5 decades now and the way I see it, one can NEVER be bored if you can get yourself into looking towards Nature for your answers and your highs.

Nature stuff can be SO rewarding. Think of all those Treats for your eyes, on an ongoing basis, just waitin' 4 YOU, every day of Your life.

Here are a few eye feasts that I captured with my cool little Pentax Optio. I hope You enjoy them, I shot them just for You, you know! :-)

a tough little Pine

Ballsy little nut this turned out to be, eh?

Steep Stuff...

Wanna climb up there?

Hidden stuff...

How many others have visited this spot?

the edge of life...

Yes sir, the REAL Edge of life...

There is just SO MUCH to see out there folks. Get your wee self Out There and SEE some of it to-day!

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