Friday, April 10, 2009

Wild Leek time is here...

The Ramps are up...

Wild Leeks '09

Out in one of my favorite local Hardwood bushes, the old forest floor covers the Leek beds I've harvested from in the past. A walk through there, along side of the nicely flowing creek, last Sunday, produced the first specimens of 2009. The Ramps are Up! :-)

Many localities celebrate with Ramp Festivals this time of year. Is there one in your locality? None here in Ottawa, that I know of anyway, but that doesn't stop me from partaking in my ritual Spring Tonic, of Leek harvesting and fresh live food consumption. :-)

I also find them, from a photographic point of view, quite lovely in their own right. Do You agree?

Ramp Up!

More Wild Food reporting soon...

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