Thursday, February 07, 2008

Just memo...

I recently dug up this picture of my old bike and the memories really started to flow about places I'd ridden to and people I'd met and things I had seen, because of this cool Mechanical Pony. I found that riding a motorcycle is about as close as you can get to being back in time a hundred years to the days when everybody rode horses. The wind in your face, the splendid all around view, the feeling of freedom and the sense of awareness of your surroundings, all felt before, in those bygone years when men rode animals. Motorcycles, to me, are a kind of mechanical horse that you get to ride and be a big part of without having to pick up droppings or trying to find oats. :-)

This boy was a 650 Yamaha Special and for a guy as light as me (140 lbs) it practically flew. Even though it was only running 40 horsepower, that's about 39 more than our great grand fathers and their fathers rode. It's about power to weight ratio and that cool machine hardly knew I was on him. Man I LOVED this machine. Perhaps it's in my cards yet to own one again...

On a parting note, here's another neat place I've hooked up to lately, to help grow my web presence. I'm liking it so far. Give it a peek to see if it interests you too.

JustMemo - Free Web Directory Listing

Bed calls...g'nite.

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