Monday, March 03, 2008

Truckin' with Larry...

Woa, where did February go already? Oh ya, I remember now, I was busy working through it at my brand new job. I started with a new company at the beginning of last month and haven't had the time nor the energy, let alone the inspiration, to do much (any) blogging for weeks. This work I do now involves driving a cube van, not only here in Ottawa but also to Cornwall, along the Seaway, and to Pembroke, along the Mighty Ottawa River, and out to Richmond Ontario near the semi-famous, Jock River. The time flies and the work is physical as well as challenging, so I really like it so far. I can just imagine how nice it will be to drive that rig in the spring and summer, now that I've been driving in deep snow and on icy roads. This rig even has AC for when the summer finally gets here. Gonna love that too!

Here's a picture I took while rollin' down the blacktop the other day. Hey look, it's me, LarryB, the Trucker guy. :-)

I think that it is just amazing what can be done with these new, super slick little Digital cameras. This little Pentax of mine has easily paid for itself already, by letting me take shots that I could NEVER have taken with any of my previous 35mm units. :-)

Well, gotta run, there's more to do before I hit the rack tonight.




OGTL said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! I can definitely see the paralells between me and your younger self after reading your bio on your other page. I'll be checking out your blog too, see you.

LarryB said...

Thanx for the comment OGTL. It's good to see that others can relate to some of my stuff. Where did you grow up friend? Who was your main teacher?