Sunday, November 09, 2008

The lure of fishing lures...

Artificial Fishing Lures...

Did I ever mention that I LOVE Fishing Lures? :-) Well, I surely do. It's not hard to get "attached" to a certain lure either. All you have to do is catch one fish on a new lure and it starts climbing the ladder of your favorites. Anything after three or four fish and you've got your latest "killer" lure. Do this a few times per season and after a few years you've got a whole box of nothing but, proven, deadly, killer lures and you are Very attached to them by then. :-)

Here are a few of my favorites along with some handmade jigheads painted white and Glow In The Dark flavored.

Two tiny killer spinners

Doctored F13 Rapala

Homemade Jigheads

Three deadly artificials...

Killer Plastics

Soon, the weather will dictate that I do more tackle tinkering and less casting, so I'll add more pics in here of that, then.



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