Saturday, December 13, 2008

Slides to pics...

Back from the past...

Fishin' Girl

What follows here to-day is another series of experiments with a point and shoot camera and a pile of old slides from my past. The quality is definitely not anywhere near good, but you can still make out the image, which IS the first job of a picture anyway. :-)

I have SO many neat old slides from my Semi-pro 35mm Photog days, that can be brought back to life in here, because of this sweet compact digicam I'm runnin' these days. I'm still working on getting sharper images so hopefully the next installment of my "Past Blasters" will be better. :-)

Anyone out there ever seen this awesome dude in the flesh? Impressive!

Roland Martin

Bassin' Boy

Ottawa River Fishin'

Fishin' Lady

Everybody LOVES to fish!



OGTL said...

Good photos. There's something about old film that exudes a more organic quality.

LarryB said...

Thanx OGTL! Ya, organic, that's it! :-) I Love your Rainbow blog. Lots of adventures in there buddyman! Hope yer leg's all healed up good now too.

Merry Christmas!