Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tackle ready...

Finesse Fishin'...

So here's a little group of hot cranks that consistently spank the fish around the areas that I fish in and near Ottawa. The top two are customized Big-O's with a single, double hook on the belly hanger, which enables these deadly little crankers to bounce over snags, without hanging up. :-)

Little Killer Cranks...

To give you an idea of size here, the Bill Lewis Rattle Trap, in the bottom corner of the picture is his 1/4 oz model, in my favorite Firetiger color. These ARE all small lures and that is why they are SO successful on the water. Smaller lures DO catch More fish, albeit they may not be as big as most people would like to catch.

Try these mini killers this year. You will NOT be disappointed. ;-)



Albert A Rasch said...

My son uses those mini bombers all the time and catches some huge, for the lure, bass here in Florida!

Albert A Rasch
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LarryB said...

Hi there Albert,

Thanx for taking the time to leave a comment in here! I'm glad your son is capitalizing on those sweet little "Mini-Whackers" down there in the sunshine state. They slay fish up here too. :-)

I'm off to check out your Chronicles and RR's to see what You've been up to...

Take care,