Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Basser Boy... :-)

... So I was doin' a little fishin' down on the dock @ Dow's Lake to-day, and I had tried three different lures already, when two kids and a dad, happened along. They set up about 30 feet from me and had soon made their first cast. I looked away for a few seconds to check my lure coming through the water, and when I looked back, the ultra-lite spinning rod that little buddy was using, was bent like a horseshoe! A good flash of white and green near the surface, as it thrashed about, told me it was a Big Mouth.

Of course, I had to dig out my little Pentax and record that action so by the time I pulled it out of my handle-bar bag, they were just about ready to land this nice fish. All this time little buddy was holdin' onto that little pole like it was Gold, and he didn't panic and start turnin' the reel handle a million times, like a lot of newbies do. Pretty soon Dad reached down with his thumb extended, aiming for that big fat lower lip and without a hitch, hoisted this beauty up and out of the water, for his son to get photographed with...

Sean Gibb's Bass...

Nice First Bass or what?

So anyway, this proud little fishin' fella's name is Sean Gibb and this picture is a memory he won't soon forget, I'm sure. :-) I was glad that I was there to-day and to have a share in his first Bass, and a real nice keeper Bass at that. Which was released immediately after this shot was taken, by the way. :-)

I even think Sean's shy little sister and their cool dad, will remember how it all happened down @ the Secret little Lake in the middle of Ottawa to-day too. Fishing is a real memory maker... :-)

Get Fishin'


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Scott or Pam said...

Nice catch! Man, I can't remember the last time I was fishing on a decent lake. I used to love to fish-me, a canoe and quiet.