Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ho Ho Ho, another 71/2 hours of back breaking labor and finally just getting home now around 9ish. Met Cheryl from and asked her about maybe working there, seeing as they need a few people for their opener the first week in December. Gonna follow up on that too...

Met up with Jeff, Mark and Ian, my work-buds from the People B down at the Henry's Camera Show in the east end and we packed stuff and lifted stuff and loaded trucks until about a quarter to eight. MAN, is my back whining! Oh well, now I'm that much closer to being able to pay the rent next week. Plus, Bill one of the head honchos there,(Kool guy and a bright lad to boot)
treated us to a whack of fancy sandwiches just before he signed our time sheets. Ya gotta like employers like that,eh? :-)

O.K. Here's another picture for you. I just LOVE this sweet little Pentax point & shoot, digital camera. This pic captures a little fall scenery which I grabbed last week while out on tour. It'll all be covered in the white stuff soon enough so feast your eyes on it now while it's still lookin' cool. In case you're wondering, the longspan in the background, is the World Famous Champlain Bridge, between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec...

Later y'all!

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