Sunday, November 18, 2007

Well hey there,

Sunday is starting off sunny and NOT as windy as it's been lately. Glad to see that as I have to walk over a mile in windblown, wide open country that nearly froze this ol' boys' butt off yesterday, heading to the new job site. I'll be leaving home within the hour to head out to the new shopping center to meet up with Jeff Bourgeois, (no, not my brother, however) to work till 4 then head over to the Henry Show to help them pack their tractor trailers etc till when-ever.

I'll drop back in here for a bit, either later to-night or hopefully tomorrow.



P.S. Here's another recent picture taken with my new little digital wonder-worker. It's a shot of some of my specialized Outdoorsy stuff...Hope ya dig it! :-)

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