Thursday, November 22, 2007

Well, I guess winter is here to stay. Between yesterday and today I'd say there is about 5 to 6 inches of it on the ground now. If that's the case then I've got about a hundred winter projects to get started on. So many indoor things here that I have been putting off for months, while I tried to capture as much daylight and warm temps as possible, during the non-white months. I probably have over 200 pictures that need to be categorized, titled, and in many cases, shrunk so as to fit properly on forums etc. Then there's fishing tackle strewn about everywhere that needs to be put back in it's proper places and over a dozen brand spanking new, Chinese Killer lures in their newly designated boxes. Also there are dozens and dozens of neat little collectible items that need to be photographed and then put up on the web. I like Kijiji for that locally.

There's a lot more to do too but that will keep me going pretty steady for the next couple of days at least. Ya gotta remember I'm pulling a nine to fiver too , eh? ;-)

Speaking of workin', I worked with both Jeff & Mark to-day at Solutions. Mark on a bunch of shelving and Jeff near the end of the day with the garbage run. This new store is starting to take shape and looks like it just might take off. Unfortunately they're advertising with the stupid turn yer knob to slob bob station and probably wasting good money where it could have been better spent on the Bear and/or Chez. Oh well, you know how corporate works, eh, they never listen to us little guys! Also, I took a quick peek at their website and can say so far that it also needs work! Mark may be jumping ship, he's not sure but seems pretty excited. I'll be talking (working) with him again tomorrow so I'll try and remember to get his # before the end of the day so we can keep in touch. Also gotta grab Jeff's too...

Now, on to the FUN stuff! WooHoo! Here's a few new bright little additions to my key-ring. A little more color enters the outdoor world of yours truly. Everything doesn't always have to be camo you know. :-) The slick purple guy in the middle is a kind of multi thingy with wedges and a bottle cap lifter and a nut slot in the middle of it. The plain aluminum dude at the top of the pic is a spy capsule, in a bullet flavor, with a mini, screw caped capsule, stashed inside the O ringed screw in it's end cap. VERY kool. :-) Any of you carry gear like this on your key-ring?


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