Saturday, December 01, 2007

Holy smokes life zips by quick these days. Here it is already the first day of December 2007, there's over five inches of snow all over everything and it's hoverin' around -12 degrees below freezing, temperature wise outside. Winter's here to stay and I'll be diggin' out my winter gear to-day, hey hey. :-) Very busy week ending out November that was. Didn't even get back in here once to post a pic even. This morning I'm going to fire up one of my older computers and see if I can copy some of my pictures from the hard drive onto a new RW Cd I bought last Thursday. Then, I can upload them to my main computer and get'em on the net. I have SO many nice shots to share, I hope it works out. If not, I'm gonna be a busy boy next spring tryin' to shoot live replacement shots for all the ones I can't access. :-( So anywho, here's a Saturday mornin' pic for to-day's viewing...

This picture was taken with my trusty Sony while on a trip to Kingston, visiting with my best friend Bruce and his wife Elaine. I don't normally do a lot of self portrait shots but now due to being on the Internet so much, I find that people like to see and in that way, sort of know, who is talking to them. Studio shots have never been my thing. Get out there and shoot, is one of my motto's. Setting up the camera to do the job properly is a bit of a science in itself. I always use minimal gear because I've been a "go-light" outdoorsy dude since my early teens, a number of decades ago. :-) I've found out and proved over the years, that plain ol' "ingenuity" can easily take the place of money when lacking gear. Anyway, this is the first shot out of this WAY Cool (older-tech)camera, that is of your's truly author, photog, and now blogger/webmaster to boot. O.K. that's enough self-promo poop 4 now, Chow! :0)



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