Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's the eve before Christmas eve, and I'm starting to dry out and warm up after putting in a 9 hour day of shoveling snow. I'll bet you I probably shoveled and or lifted over two tons of the white heavy shit to-day. I guess it isn't any wonder then, that my poor old freakin' body is aching everywhere! Man, I've got to get into some serious mind work and a whole lot less physical work...To-day went a lot better than yesterday. Yesterday was tough because of the attitude of the guy I was working with. Attitude is EVERYTHING when you have to do shitty work. Wrong attitude, miserable day. Buddy's a pro at throwing around all the typical dork signs that dicks display if given half a chance. You know the ones. Cutting any of your sentences short. Not answering or anyway acknowledging a question. Switching radio channels, as soon as you give him any sign you like the song currently playing. Tell ya not to get in his face if you try to take a casual peek at HIS dumb map or beat sheet. Takes many pee breaks like a girl. Plays only the boss card, NEVER the fellow worker one. Totally overly inflated ego which really needs to be taken down a peg or two or three even. Says he's a smart guy,and he' says he's organized, an apparent clean freak, thinks too highly of himself for what really is there. I could go on but no need. This guy would/could/should work by himself. His people skills are VERY limited. Oh, he always has to be right no matter the situation. He really hates it if I'm right. O.K. Rant OFF.

I would SO love to just be able to work from the net! There are many, many different opportunities out there. If we could only locate the right one for us, life would start getting easier, faster. I've been digging around for awhile and still have not found the so called magic lure or program or plan or whatever, yet. At least I've enjoyed all the digging and I've most certainly learned a lot in the process. For instance I know for a fact the I've hand-built from scratch, over 30 websites on the Internet. What you are reading here is my third blog. I participate in about a dozen different forums. Google LOVES me! How do I know that, you might be wondering? Well, it's pretty simple really. All anybody who knows me or ever heard of me or is looking for me, has to do, is type my name into Google. You even get to pick from my real name or my nom du plume. Now ask yourself this, how many people do YOU know that you can find by typing their names into THE Worlds Best Search Engine? I practically have Google housebroken and paper trained. Instead of looking me up name-wise, you might try taking some of my descriptive and quite powerful keywords for a spin. For instance, I'm a Canadian, secondly I'm very Outdoorsy and thirdly I am indeed, a webmaster. So, put them together and type "Canadian outdoorsy webmaster" into Google and that too will pull up a pile of my web-pages, all near the top, by the way. :-)

Anyway, I hear more stuff calling me, so I'll shut down for now and like always, leave ya with another picture. This one is a real Oldie Goldie, of a nice Big Mouth Bass taken a number of years ago from a little lake up Lanark way. White Spinner-baits and Moss Boss's in the thick weeds, just did a number on them Bassies that day for sure. Any guesses on which lake it was? Leave a comment. If you are right, I will say so. If you are not, I will give you a hint. ;-)


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