Saturday, January 05, 2008

Well Happy New Year! 2008 already. Awesome! To cap off '07 I've just gotta mention my wonderful Christmas gift in here. Santa, dressed as my best bud in the world, left me a beautiful pair of great outdoor boots. I haven't worn anything that felt this good on my feet in over twenty five years. They are are called Predator, and are made with Mossy Oak waterproof uppers, and lined with Thinsulate Ultra. These Herman Survivors are fitted like a ski boot. Total support, with firm, all around cushioning and yet really flexible as well as super-light. Man, I couldn't have scored a better Christmas gift. Thank You so much Big Bruce and pretty wife Elaine, for these simply fantastic boots! I've already tested them a few times and they ate up whatever I threw at them so far, including a five mile hike in slushy slop. No Problem with wet feet and no cold feet either. Love it!

Sold a few more items off my two free ad boards last week but need to lose a whole lot more yet. Sure are some nice people out there. Well, there are also a few donuts too, but it all balances out in the long haul.

Applied for a full time day job yesterday and sure hope I get it. Lord knows, I need the steady cash flow, if I'm to remain housed. The interview went well, I thought anyway, so I'm optimistic about it. :-)

I waited behind a big tree for a good shot of this little fella while he was touring around in the rocks along the Rideau River last summer when I spotted him. Closest I've ever been to a live wild Mink! Very Kool! :-)

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