Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow walker...

Well to-day I got inspired by the sunny skies, despite the cold temps, and headed out for a little bush walk. There is a nice little creek not far from my place that will be getting a lot more of my attention this year. That's where I ended up this afternoon and even in the winter, it's real pretty there...CoolCreek

Last spring I found a patch of Wild Leeks growing in a section of this creek, where the hardwoods live. Maples, Oak and a few Ironwood trees guided me to the spot and I dug a nice handful of the heavily scented little tasties to bring home in my bar bag on my bike. I'll be back there in a few months to do the same. Today I located three old dried up Ostrich Ferns, which now mark a new Fiddlehead spot for me too. :-)

Got pretty close to a few ducks just before I left the water and they didn't seem to be very camera shy, so I shot them. Digitally of course. ;-)Quackers

How about this ham? It's No Fear Ducky! :-}


Lots of very fresh air, plenty of sunshine, a passel of live critters and a nice clean little stream to explore. All enjoyed with a simple little walk on a January winters day... Still can't wait for Spring though...


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