Thursday, December 13, 2007

I was goin' through one of my various little fishing lure boxes the other evening. Well,lo and behold, doesn't this little killer rig from the good ol' days, slip out of obscurity and fall under my gaze? Well sir, who would have known that "Weber" had come out with such a kool little lure, so long ago? I figure it was somewhere around the mid-fifties or so this sleek little design idea slipped out into the fishing world out there in the day, was hardly noticed and then just as quickly, disappeared again, due to lack of proper advertising, perhaps. :-( Also, Fishing writers had their hands full back then writing about other new stuff like say, Williams Wablers, Daredevle Imps and Daredevlets, Flatfish and Lazy Ike's and the then new Creme Rubber worms, complete with the cute little beads and a spinner in front of them and 3 hooks stickin' outta them and all. :-)

So anyway, this particular little spinning lure, although very simple looking at first glance,is extremely well designed in my estimation! It is one that REALLY needs to be looked at further by this writer, to re-invent it sort of, for at least going into my own current "killer" tackle box. :-) As a matter of fact,it's such a cool fishing design all around, that I was a little hesitant about even depicting it here in my little web log to-day. Then I thought about that for a minute or three and then I remembered, that the BIGGEST reason I'm here bloggin' at all in the first place, is to share as best as I can, all kinds of kool shit (for lack of a better or more current word) that I know, with others who like to follow any of my little internet trails, into and out of the bush and back! So, lucky you to-day, here's a picture just shot by my trusty little Pentax dig-it-all camera, of THE neatest little lure I've looked at in awhile. I WILL be workin' on putting something similar to this together to be tested out come spring. You can bet yer boots on it! ;-)

Secret Lure Exposed!

Enjoy! :-)


P.S. I haven't mentioned this in here before, which I should have of course, but if you double click any of the pictures in my blogs, they should jump up to full size for your closer viewing. Well, except for the one below from my visit to Kingston, I'm still looking for the original sized pic to replace it. Anyway, then just click your back button when you're done to come right back here to the blog where you found the neat shot in the first place. :-) Go ahead, give it a try, click something, but not the crouching bushguy shot... :-)

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