Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Woa Man, it's like, Snow-City right out side my studio window, what with the wind howlin'like it is and all and brutal gusts outta nowhere, and over six or seven inches of the cursed white stuff blowing everywhere and covering everything. We just broke a 5 year long record for the most snowfall in one day :-( Oh well, enough whinin' in here, winter is now here to stay so get used to it... Just seems that it keeps gettin' harder to adjust to as you get older. ;-) Maybe that's a sign that I should be planning my future to include headin' anywhere south of where this white crap lives, for my elderly/retired last decade? :-) Hmmm.

Say, did you know that among all of the neat little things I've been collecting for a while, HotWheels have endeared my heart for the last two decades? Yup, it's true. I dig HotWheels vehicles. Well, I've slowed down buying them a lot in the last three or four years but still manage to snag a killer car or two, here and there in my society travels for various supplies. :-) I plan on posting a few Hot Wheels pictures from my personal collection in here off and on in the future and maybe that will encourage more folks to check out these slick little die-cast vehicles. So folks, for starters, at the tree and ready to go is, this beautiful little puppy built after a VERY well known car among the race car crowd. That's right friends, it's a 1/64 scale mint condition,"The Snake". This awesome rig was made famous by none other than the legendary Don Prudhomme and is adorned with micro detailed decal work. My 10x loupe reveals VERY legible stuff like Coca-Cola,Penzoil,Wyn's,Cragar,Good Year and MORE even! Just beautiful detail.

This car only appeared for the one series a few years back and WILL be in demand in years to come because the sport of racing won't die for a while yet, even though it sure guzzles a lot of non-renewable resources...;-(

Later y'all,

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Hmmmm. Looks like maybe I'm going to have to see if I can high-light the "Comments" section of this blog so that people can actually SEE the darn thing. :-) That MUST be why nobody has entered any comments in here yet.;-)