Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hey there, Happy Sunday! I hope your day gets off to as good a start as mine did. Here is a piece of script that should go in the Head section of this blog...Hope this works here in lu of putting it in the head tags which I don't know if I can even access?! ;-) * It should be invisible here though...NOPE, that didn't do it...

O.K. next on to-day's agenda, it's Picture time again...

This folks, is a view looking at the Gatineau Hills across the Ottawa River from my vantage point up on the top of Carlington Hill. I am standing on the highest point of land within miles of where I can see...Anyone else from Ottawa ever get up on that hill? It used to be a Ski hill, back in the day and was a pretty busy place then. I learned to ski on that same hill, as a matter of fact, over 30 years ago. :-0

To-day is cold and windy and everything is covered in over 6 inches of white poop so I've opted to stay in and work on some of my web stuff as it's been gettin' tricky to stay on top of it all. ;-) Besides this and two other blogs I've built recently, I participate in about a dozen Forums and also I have over 25 of my own websites up on the net now. So as you may see, I'm a pretty busy dude. :-)

One of the koolest forums I belong to is devoted to all the things folks carry with them on a day to day basis. They call all that stuff, EDC's or every day carry's if you wanna use that slick lingo they use over there. Mostly this group is composed of outdoorsy types, like myself, but a lot of non-outdoorsy type noobies are showin' up lately, learning a lot of neat stuff and then hookin' up themselves, just so they can show the other forum folks what kinds of cool gear they EDC and exchange info and pics with a real good gang! Go over and have a gander if you get a few spare moments to-day to see what all the fuss is about. :-) Tell 'em "Bushguy" sent ya when ya get there and they'll make room for y'all cozy like, around the campfire ring there. ;-) Enjoy!

EDC Forums

Cheers friends,

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