Monday, December 10, 2007

Gloomy out there this a.m. with a kind of a foggy tone to it. The last few days I've been hobbling around at home nursing a hip joint that has been totally acting up. I think it's all part of an old Sciatica problem, which originally started twenty or so years ago, when I slipped on some ice and landed on my tail-bone. That little trick, crippled me up instantly and I then painfully crawled a two hour crawl into the house and onto the couch, where I collapsed and passed out. I woke up, a day and a half later and couldn't move anything. I was in the same position that I was in when I rolled onto the couch in the first place. Long, painful story later, I stayed right there again for two more days, frozen in my new, face up position. It took over three hours to get from on my stomach to over onto my back. Three hours of total intense pain, quarter inch by quarter inch movements to finally get myself over onto my back. Just after doing that, I passed out again for another 10 hour stint. Keep in mind that right since it happened, all the way until my second pass-out, I did not and could not go to the bathroom, get any pain killers, a glass of water or anything. I could NOT move. Before passing out the second time I started to feel like the rest of my life would be spent in a wheel chair. I started to believe that I had permanently hurt myself, big-time...

Anyway, this latest aching hip, pins and needles thing, is probably the ripple effect of that whole miserable ordeal I suffered through those 20 years ago. Hopefully it will be getting better to-day as I start to apply more of my manipulations and rolling twists and massage techniques, as well as some Tylenol's and an ice pack on and off all day.

Friday and Saturday I spent some time putting a few of my Collectibles up for sale on Kijiji Ottawa, a neat place to sell stuff locally. One of the items I put up there was this book that I've had since 1971. This guy has been my MA hero since I first laid eyes on him, back in 1969 in a theater on Rideau Street, here in Ottawa. Everyone in the theater was jumping up and down and yelling and just goin' wild. I had never seen people do this before and it's because up until that time, no other actor ever made us do that. This incredible Martial Artist had so much stage presence that everyone in the place was pumped up like balloons. Who am I talkin' about here? Well folks, none other than the amazing and hard to believe, Bruce Lee, THE Martial Artist of the 20th century. This is really a great book and has become a classic but it's time to make room for more pressing things in my life. So, perhaps some Bruce Lee fan out there in Kijiji land will get themselves a great Christmas present soon...

Try Google for Kijiji and then you can click on many different cities. Perhaps yours is there and you can use Kijiji too like I do. There, that's my hot tip for the day. ;-)


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