Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Cool Caps for the Outdoors...

Caps are Cool headgear...

Caps have been in Style, as they say, for maybe only forty or fifty years now, but they are rooted in American Baseball and have been getting only More popular every year since those good ol' Hardball days of yore.

The Fishing world grabbed on to the ball cap style pretty quick in the late 60's, especially whenever and wherever, Ray Scott's BassMaster's World Class Fishing events, took place! Ray himself set the western folks buzzin' with his Cool Ten gallon Stetsons to draw a lot of attention for his new Fishing troupe of Pros. All those Pro's back then, like Rick Clunn, Al Lindner, Tom Mann, Roland Martin, Bill Dance, Ken Cook, Billy Westmorland, Big Jim Rogers and his good buddy, John Powell and hundreds of others, were all sportin' those Re-done Ball Caps at those B.A.S.S. tourneys, because a lot of them where Baseball fans and also loved to fish.

The Headgear fashion had hit the Fishing World then and there and it would grow like Wildfire in the next three or four decades. This "Cap" thing has even cross-pollinated and caps are showing up in Music studios, Movies, Kids clothing departments and everywhere else it seems.

During the present decade, through much daily observation on my part, in many different areas, I could almost say that nearly Everyone, everywhere I go, wears ball style caps as their main headgear when going out anywhere, these days. :-)

Wow, Talk about Ray Scott being a real Trend Setter, with his ten gallon hat, his fishing dream and ALL those Bassin' Pro's wearing those Cool caps with lure names on them from their sponsors :-) Ray, my man, just Look what you've done! Awesome.

I Love the Bill on this particular John Deere Cap. It's a little longer than any old standard bill cap length. That extra length, coupled with my Rapala Polaroids, creates an unbeatable, totally shielded, fish-seeing area around my eyes, where by I can peer through any and all glare off the waters I'm fishing. No stray light gettin' in there any time soon... :-)

Nice Pattern Too

Good ol' John Deere

A Cool Cap to pack anywhere...

Presenting the...

Crushed and folded, Nike to go cap...

Nike Crushed

Seconds later,

Nike Ready!

What Caps do You wear? Do any of them have longer bills? Can you crush and uncrush any of them? I'm diggin' this light nylon-ey type feel to this Nike as well. Weighs Zip. :-)



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