Saturday, October 11, 2008

Walleye Slide...

Canadian Made Walleyes...

This picture is all Canadian stuff. I've been doin' a lot of experimental work, as I like to call it, with my sweet little point & shoot lately. Since the day I brought it home, I've been thrilled with it's performance. I haven't even used half of it's features yet but the ones I have used work flawlessly.

Many years ago I used to shoot weddings and nature photography with a Pentax SP 500, and after that, a Minolta Maxxum 7000. So when it was time recently for me to finally go digital with my camera life, I naturally started looking at what Pentax or Minolta had to offer. Well, I never got as far as even looking at the Minolta lineup. Nope. Of the many models that Pentax was offering, I chose a mid-range unit to match my budget, seeing as I live now, on a Trucker's paycheck. :-)

Well, I really don't know and I certainly don't care, what great features, all of the more expensive jobbies have over this little boy that I've got. This camera has been up to the challenge every single time I've fired his shutter. In case You are interested in digi-cams, this is the Optio model, numbered E30. I shelled out a paltry $150 CDN for this puppy and he has already paid for himself easily.

The lure in the picture above, if you didn't recognize it already, has been around Canadian walleye waters now for 3 or four generations of Canadian fisherman. I'd guess that Millions of pounds of Walleye have been caught on this killer lure over the years, although that would be pretty hard to gauge. :-) If you fish Walleyes, you Need this awesome lure. It's called, plain & simply, the Canadian Wiggler. Built in Canada to catch Canadian Walleyes originally, it Will catch them Anywhere!

This slide was shot about 30 years ago and hasn't seen the light of day since then. I sat it on my natural light table with the Wiggler and let this cool little E30 work it's magic. My old Pentax would have had a fit trying to take this shot. :-) The coin is an old Canadian ten cent piece which I use to show size relations for lots of my studio picture taking. The original Walleye slide was recorded in the evening and you can see the "Eyes" just a glowin' there because of the use of a necessary flash.

I think I'm onto something here with this, "shootin' slides" experiment thingy. It opens up a potential Gold Mine of recorded images for the future. I've got @ least a thousand old 35 mm slides from my previous Outdoorsy days, sitting on shelves, just Dying to be shared.

Something else...

I've also been re-shooting, old photographs lately too, which I talk a little about in my other blog over here at More Bloggin'... where there is also another Pentaxed (my expression) slide to view. So go take a peek if you've got a few spare moments to spend with me to-day...

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