Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Variety Photography To-day...

Roaming day...

You've probably heard the term before but I like to use it a lot, so now you're hearing it (well, seeing it actually) again, right here. Variety Is the Spice of Life! The more great subject matter, within reason of course, that you get in front of your camera lens, the better you'll become at composing your pictures. More subjects = Better Pictures.

October Maple

Specializing is great, but, Variety is Never boring! :-)

I put a little variety in my shoot the other day as You can see here. From the leaves falling and losing their beautiful fall colors, to a hidden little bottle dump, deep in the woods. Next, a few Canada Geese shot close up, and then, some Artistically created, Stone Men in the river and finally, a parting shot of the Blog Photog...


Fall Yellows

Sugar Maple

Hidden bottle dump

a croaked Coke...

Hidden In The Woods...

Is He Lookin' At Us?

a Wadin' Canada...

Stone Men

River Art

Rock Village

some Kool Stone Animals

See Ya!

There's more pics over on my other Blog at Bloggin' with Larry if you want to have a look at those too...

Thanx for popping in to-day!


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