Saturday, May 30, 2009

AYA - Angler Young Angler

Here's the picture of some Happy Winners, courtesy of AYA!

Real Fishin' Kids...

Awesome stuff or what? Kids that are now into Pro Fishing! Who would have ever thought that this would be possible twenty years ago? Well AYA has been around now for over a decade and it's high time for YOU to get YOUR wonderful Children into Fishing once and for all.

If Your children are fortunate enough to be Fishin' Kids already, then get them hooked up with Anglers Young Anglers to-day and don't delay, any longer. :-) You will see some of the Happiest kids You've ever seen, fishin' at these awesome tourneys, that were designed just for them. The bonding that goes on between children and parents and guardians even, is worth the trip alone!

If this kind of wonderful stuff keeps up, who knows, perhaps in another ten years, Fishing will be one of the subjects taught in elementary schools? :-)

Get over there right now and sign Your kids up for this season. The one up in Timmins, Ontario in July promises to be a far North experience filled with fish and Happy Kids. Don't miss it now... ;-)


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