Friday, June 05, 2009

T by 4...

See this pic on Twitgoo, too...
Fun Bass...

Do You, use these Four Super fine internet resources yet?

Well, I for one most certainly do and I just want to share that with y'all in this little blog too. Plenty, and I mean Plenty, of sweet opportunities await You out there these days on and off the net. If You are say, lookin' to power-up Your website, or blog, or Lens or Hub or storefront for that matter, get going on this stuff to-day. Oh ya, don't forget, that all this powerful, sweet stuff that I'm sharing with You in here to-day, is totally free of any cash requirements and they don't involve any big learnin' curve to boot. :-) If You know me at all, then You know that stuff like that, strikes a real cord with this ol' puppy. :-)

Here they are for ya then, all laid out and ready and awaiting Your command. Enjoy. Above all, use 'em! They work real well... :-)

Leadin' the Four T pack is none other that the world Famous Twitter the One that (who) actually Started the whole Twitty [(c) lb 2009 ] trend, in "T" stuff. Then there's the sweet Tweetree and then of course, buddy TwitGoo (the Goo) and finally, for good measure, don't forget the fourth T, Twitpic for those of You with even More photos, to have ALL Your bases, totally T covered on the triple W! I just LOVE them all to bits! :-)

So, that's about it for my little bloggy to-night. Twitter, Twitpic, Twitgoo and Tweetree are The Four T's that anyone and everyone should, could and would use, if given the chance, I'm sure. Especially if they (You) enjoy making and or taking pictures and like to show them off to others too. :-)

Chow for now,

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