Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lipless Rattle-baits..

Rattling Lip-less Cranks

How to Rattle fish...

Although mostly used by the Bass fishin' crowd, lip-less crank-baits, like these bad boys, are killer on any game-fish that chases minnows. They can be fished effectively from the top of the water column, to the bottom of it. These rattle-baits, can also be fished very fast or very slow, or anywhere in between. Now to this ol' fishin' dude, that pretty well adds up to a versatile family of artificial fishing lures. ;-)

Face details or what?
Like, can you dig all the fine details on the face of this rattle-bait? Man, talk about lookin' life-like, eh?

Big-Eyed Rattler...
O.K. so like now, is That an eyeball or is That an eyeball? :-) Fish beat on these things, trust me. They used to say, the eyes have it, but in this case, this lure has A lot going for it, not just it's awesome eyes...

...and finally, the lure that started the whole rattling, lipless crank-bait craze. Presenting, the Bill Lewis, Rattle Trap, or just the "Trap", the name used by the Bass Tourney pros, seen here as a floater (top) and sinker model below. The Floater is Fantastic for real shallow water... :-)

Rattle Traps...

So there you have it! Get a few different sizes and colors of these lipless cranks and Rattle yourself up some fish this year too! :-)


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