Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Biking tour...

Some fall biking...

To try and keep myself in at least some kind of shape, I took my old Adventure-Cycle slash Life extender unit, out for a spin the other day. It always takes me about five or six minutes with the wind in my face, and my bod leaned over in stroke mode, legs pumping, before my little brain says, like, Why aren't you biking every day, bonehead? :-) This just feels SO GOOD!

Anyway, first stop, leaf city...

Next up, a little wheelin' through a little rougher stretch of "deer trail" in here dodging Kama-kazi Squirrels and flocks of squawking Starlings to steer towards, finally, the river...

...where I spotted this little cutie pie. Got to work with him for a few moments too. :-)

... and then this neat little "Fall-Bloomer" type of cool, tall bush, which I have No clue as to what it may be, appeared right there too. It looked real Pretty though! :-)

And then, a quiet little semi-secluded, future fishin' spot, reveals itself to my wondering eyes. Hmmmm. Inflowing creek emptying in the Ottawa. Hmmmm.

...a little further on, and then, nothing... the end of the line.

I'll tell ya, it sure felt Super to get my little ol' self outside again crankin' those sprockets once more for a few healthy, and very fresh hours. Also it's great to see a few of the neat things that are always goin' on out here, all around us, too.

I hope most of You are doing Your part in keeping healthy in body and mind as well. It ain't easy all the time, but most certainly well worth it! Get Outdoors! :-)


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