Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday Weekend fun...

Fishing the Ottawa River...

As a kind of Birthday present for me this year, I was fortunate enough to spend some time on the Ottawa River this past week-end with my good friends Jack and Art. We caught quite a few fish and really had a great ol' time. :-)

Now, although I've been sworn to secrecy as to just where we were actually fishing, I Can say that we were a few miles downstream from the Petrie Island area. :-)

To start things off, my Trout fishing buddy Art, added to his species count with this decent sized wet kitty that fell all over his spinner rig.

Cool Kitty

This is the average size of most of the Walleyes we caught.

Got Walleye?

Of course, the Captain of this awesome Lund fishing boat, Walleye Jack, caught this sweet, fat hog, to show us all, just how it's done. :-) Congrats on such a fine Walleye there Jackman!

Jack's Walleye...

This big ol' river is really a great place for catching a variety of fish. Check out this big eyed boy that you don't see in too many places.
A Mooneye Cool or what, eh? :-) Here's a link to a neat website where Rolf, from Alberta, tells us all we need to know about this very neat, Trout-like fish.Rolf's Flies

We moved around some in the wind and the current and before we knew it, we had tapped into the Sauger population too. Once more, my man Jack shows us that he knows what he's doing out there, eh?
Sauger Boss...

Here's a shot of Jack's fishin' buddy Guy, with a nice catch that he and Joe put together on Sunday. Sweet!

All in all, the fishing was real good and spending time on the water with a few friends is pretty hard to beat as well. There's no life like it! :-)

Thanx again Walleye Jack, for making me part of your Outdoorsy adventures! :-)

The fillets I took home with me were some delicious and well appreciated my friends.

I truly did have a Happy Birthday! :-) LarryB

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