Friday, May 16, 2008

Lures and food

My walk after work, turned up this selection of fresh wild foods and a quiet place to lie down and look up at the sky...


Japanese Knot-Weed

My Bed of Clover...

Fishin' Tackle...

Here's a few more lures I Love.

Some of these old in-line spinners have caught a pile of fish in their day. Harder to find now but just as powerful on many species to-day as they were 30 or more years ago. I've pretty well retired the ol' Dardevle Spinner and the Toni here, as they are not made anymore to the best of my knowledge. That's reason enough for me. Besides the memories they contain, of fish caught, when and where. :-)


Heddon Toni

I've been tinkering with fishing lures for more than four decades and have come up with a number of little killer mods, as I call them. They are all geared towards soliciting more strikes from fish. I prefer to catch a fish on one of my modified fishing lures, than on one that is just "box stock", so to speak. I get a bigger charge out of that! :-)

Bearded Flatfish Mod

Well it's my belief anyway, that this unit really looks like a minnow struggling with a little muskrat or big moth or something, when you see it in the water. Struggling, turns Big fish on! This is a T50 Flatfish with an added tail spinner and a radical old hooking set-up, that teases, fools and lands the hogs...

Too bad Heddon didn't keep making this deadly little Spin Fin. I LOVE all the little design features incorporated into this awesome little pre-spinner-bait era spin-fin...

Original Heddon Spin Fin

Got some tin snips and a sheet of old metal? You can make yourself a metal plug that wiggles like a crank-bait, if you do. :-) Here's a pair of old boys that show their genius of design.

Metal Plugs

Yup, another old wooden Heddon creation here. More or less, customized to the hilt! This Rig ROCKS!

Old Vamp

Have a good one...


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