Thursday, May 08, 2008

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...Another neat day to-day. Feels GOOD to be alive too!

How lucky most of us are, eh? Nice place to live, nice clothes to wear, car, a job to go to, someone who loves you, close by, and money in your pocket. Like, we got it all. :-)

Did I ever mention to you that I've been into cameras and photography for well over half my life? Well, I bought my first camera, a kool little Kodak Instamatic, point & shoot style, that came with a slick little carrying strap for your wrist and all, many, many years ago. I packed that little unit around with me in the bush and down along the banks of many Northern Ontario rivers and streams. It took a lot of neat snapshots, and I "Kodaked" an awful mess of live fish, so that I could share my memories with my friends and family when I got back home.

Over the years I've owned a number of other cameras and even three Cam-corders as well. Did I mention I was right into the art of Photography? :-) Here's a few recent pictures taken with my handy, dandy, Pentax, Optio...

Anyone out there like to hunt these puppys?

Wild (Ramp) Leeks

Some call 'em Ramps, and others call 'em Leeks, and others just say they smell... This plant has been a part of my Spring Tonic for over 30 years. Smell or no, these babies get ingested by this 'ol puppy every year and that's a fact. :-)

What SPRING walk would be complete without a hand full of the fresh and beautiful Violet leaves and blossoms?

Wild Violets

Here's the first furry critter spotted for '08 and of course, not in a very well lit place, just the way these bunnys like it though. ;-)

A Wild Rabbit Hippity Hop...

Lots of folks are familiar with this little sweety plant, that loves the edges of rich hardwood forests, but do they know that tons of people refer to them, as Adder's Tongues? Many plants have local names attributed to them, these Dog's Tooth Violets are one of them. Delicate blossoms, blush for YOU here, through my Pentax!

Adder's Tongue

One of the easiest Teas to get to know , identify and ingest, is of course, the semi-common little, Wild Straw-berry. Yup, easy and good for ya 2. Pick some this year, don't be afraid. ;-)

Wild Strawberry

This last plant ranks right up there near the very top of my wild edibles list, of all the things I consume from the Great Outdoors. I only know a few spots to harvest this Wild Asperagus, and I only take a few spears from each plant and only for a week or so. Sure got my dose of Spring Tonic into me so far...

Wild Asperagus

More stuff later...


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