Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Two Essentials...

Are you like a lot of folks out there these days that take their cell phone with them, everywhere, all the time? These things seem to be the top choice of things a person always has with them now days. I don't own or use a cell even but I do carry certain things with me daily, everywhere, anywhere, always. ;-)

Two cool tools...
There are many fine things to carry with you when you step into the woods these days, to be sure. I also have my share of pretty neat gadgets and some fairly cool gizmo's too but when it's all said and done, there are two things I am NEVER without. Doesn't matter if I'm hittin' the boonies or just fishin' Shirley's Bay or Dow's Lake for that matter, these two indispensable items are my constant companions...
A knife and fire...

In this case it's an old S.A.K. and a mini-Bic that I'm carryin' but I have used many other knives and tons of lighters over the decades. As a matter of fact, years ago, back in the day, I wouldn't be caught dead without my trusty Zippo! :-)

I'm not trying to sell you anything here, it's just that these two little things are pretty easy for anyone to get and they won't set you back too many bucks either. The Swiss Army Knife (S.A.K.) has come in so handy, so many times that it's paid for itself tenfold at least. I've used every single tool on there and more than once too. Cutting chores abound off the beaten path so any decent knife can make your visit there, better. Even if you only used it to cut and sharpen a few willow sticks for wieners or marsh-mellows with your children, over a little camp fire.

If perhaps you are not someone who has some kind of jack-knife or whatever in your pockets, you just might want to consider packin' both of these cool little tools around with you too. They take up no room and both could easily save your life or even someone else, depending on the circumstances you find yourself in, during the coming times. ;-)

Oh ya, and remember, even though they are all wonderful, you can't light a fire with a cell phone or an ipod or a GPS unit, for that matter. :-)



Wandering Owl said...

Good call on the S.A.K. Been carrying one every day for about 15 years now. There's been times at work where I was able to fix things and didn't have to call maintenance.

Been wanting to get a lighter that shoots a flame like a rocket engine - but smaller you know! they probably go through fluid faster but the wind shouldn't blow them out.

LarryB said...

Thanx for the cool comments Owl! Yup, I got one that's over twenty five years old and still saving the day, every once in awhile. :-) I have six or seven of these great little knives stashed away in various versions of Bug Out Bags and pouches and jacket pockets. :-)

I have seen a pretty blow-torchy Butane lighter thingy out there that might fit your needs at Canadian Tire I think it was?
Have ya tried cupping a regular Bic in your hands with your back to the wind? ;-) Cheap and works well with practice. :-)

Take care my man!