Monday, November 09, 2009

Rockin' with College Bassin'...

College Bass Fishing!

Here's a link to a Cool piece written By David Boraks, over on DavidsonNews dot net that gives the world a fine insight as to what's happening lately in many colleges across the land....

Virginia Tech leads Bass tourney |

Man, I wish this kind of Super Sic Stuff was available back a few decades ago, when I was wanting to be a Bassin' Pro! How much does this Fishin' stuff Rock, I ask you? :-) Just shows us again, how good the young folks have it to-day, eh! :-)

If Your child Loves fishing, have you considered starting him or her on this particular course in life? With Universities jumpin' on the Bassin' band wagon lately, your kids could fit right in there. I'll tell ya, National fame and fortune can most certainly be had through Pro Bass Fishing these days, no doubt about it. Just ask Kevin Van Dam with his more than 3 Million smackers bankrolled from those cool Bassin' Tourneys. :-) So you see, the younger you start and encourage your offspring, the better chance they'll have at turning their Love for Fishing, into an actual, for real, career.

Remember also, that You are the absolute Best Promoter slash Coach slash Bud that they have, in whatever they do anyways. So, why not let yourself think then, that they could be rubbing shoulders one day perhaps, with the likes of G-Man, or Ike, KVD, Clunn, Jimmy Houston, Skeet Reece and all those other Awesome Bassin' hero's of ours, if they really wanted to? :-)

Go read up on some of these fine young American College boys who'd rather play with Bass, than foot balls, golf balls, basket balls etc etc. and be televised with their buds and Bass. :-) My hat is off to ALL of the participants in these excellent Bass Tournaments.

Go get 'em boys! :-)



Rebecca said...

Ok, as soon as this comment is published to let you know I was by and reading, I'll get check out the boys of college~
Hope you had a great weekend!

LarryB said...

Hi there Reb! Thanx for keepin' tabs on me. :-) Sure wish they had Bassin' in college back in the day. :-)

I Love your recent post on Olive and her maker Kirk! Too Inspirational! :-)

See, you R the Rockin' Reb as well as the Outdooress!

All the best.