Sunday, September 07, 2008

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Ultra-lite Fishing lures are a pretty Kool little Collectible, in their own right. I find them a great study in ingenuity.

Here's the flip-side picture of one of my little high-tech, shirt pocket sized, tough plastic tackle-boxes.
Tiny Tackle

I just LOVE the tiny little Canuk built (Windsor Ontario) Flatfish, that's snuggled up to the jointed Rocky Jr. which is just to the left of the Canadian made, Gold Williams' Wabler in the second smallest size made.

This sweet little, inch long banana bait, is a Real killer on cold-stream Brookies and Rainbows or Browns if they're around too. It's rigged with a very small, single hook, ready to be baited with a bit of worm or whatever if ever necessary. ;-)

If I had to give up ALL of my neat little Collectibles, save one group, it would most certainly be the Tiny Tackle collection, that would be the last to go, when the dust settled! :-)



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