Monday, September 15, 2008

More rain...

September is turning out to be a fairly rainy month. Well, for one thing, that means I will be spending more time in here then. :-) I have lots of photo work, including resizing to do and many things to write about. So, with this help (push) from the weather, mentally I'm already gearing up for the winter, it would seem. These blogs, lenses, hubs and web-pages I've made, have sure taken a lot of time out of me. Time that I used to spend in the woods or on the lake. Time that we will never see again.

Not having a car, changes Everything. People who have their own vehicles, take a lot of stuff for granted. Not owning your own car, makes you totally aware of some of the disadvantages of going green. Just getting to work on a rainy day, on a bike, SUCKS! Waiting for buses all the COLD Winter, SUCKS! Going fishing, only where you can go by bike or bus, SUCKS! Carrying more than 3 or 4 plastic grocery store bags of food home, on a bike or bus, SUCKS! Even dragging two full bags around for an hour is no picnic, compared to just laying them on the back seat or in the boot of your pollution belching, gas guzzling car, truck or van.

Yup, yup, I should have been born rich I guess. Why couldn't my daddy have been some kind of big shot business man, instead of a poor carpenter? Why didn't I go to some fancy pansy college and get my wee self educated, proper-like?

It's interesting to note how this sustained rainy weather, plays on my mind here to-day. Seems that sunny days are my creative times and dreary days remind me of what could have been. Jeez, it's No wonder then, that I've ALWAYS preferred nice weather over the cruddy stuff...

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