Friday, September 26, 2008

Simply Squidilicious Stuff...with lb

To-day's topic is, a couple thoughts and a few pictures of Survivaly related stuff, AND a VERY COOL Place 2 B, on the web, for EVERYONE...

First up, time for a sketch and a pull off that bottle... :-)

More Gear...

What do You carry Your stuff in?

My Current Day Pak

GID Or Glow In The Dark stuff...


A Glow In The Dark, heavy plastic covering, shown here, slipped over a mini-saw blade to go with my fire-stik for my EDC unit.

Ottawa River Biking in mid September, is Amazing!

River Biking

Biking and Rivers just seem to go together SO well...


So I guess it's time I mentioned a little about where I've been lately, what? :-) Truth be known, I've been developing my writing skills still further by spending a lot of time over at a very Cool place by the name of Squidoo! You get to make Lenses over there, for Free! You get to share the things you like and have a passion for, with anyone else out there in the world who can find Your very own, neat little, hand-made, artistic creation. As a matter of fact Your very first one might even make ya feel a little God-like, sort of. :-) Oh ya, and these Lens thingys are pretty easy to get on to, once you get goin' and there's a TON of help around ANYTIME you need it.

So anyway, If you are maybe the sort who likes to dabble at Writing, then this Squidoo place, could very well be the spot for You! I've already got over half a dozen Lenses happenin' out there on the web now and soon will be makin' a few more too. I just LOVE them to pieces, and I'm not the only one either. Nope, not by a long shot. The Great Google Himself, pulls my stuff to the top of the heap, for my fairly generic keywords and phrases and pictures and stuff. ;-) I can't recommend this great Squidoo place any higher, than to say it is Simply Sqidilicious! There, I've said it. It's FIVE Stars, all the way! Go Go Squidoo!

Here's a link to my new little Survival slanted Squidoo Lens over there to go with some of these pics & stuff...

Survival Stuff... Maybe it will get YOU going on Your very own little Lens too, you Never know! :-)

Cheers Y'all,


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